Vestibule Blues (5/2019)

Wind slowly wanders this world, tallying tales,
walking on water, cycling the sea.
I know you, do you know me?

Constellations get stapled to the sky
and I wake up as you say goodbye,
I’m always rushing in the morning.
What day is it when it’s more than just a feeling?
Dangling lights leave me reeling.

Maybe I’ll never know them as well as I did before.
Maybe they realized there’s more
than one door to the same place.
Stepped back from the wall
and they were right in front of their face.

Breathe in, breathe out.
Day in, day out.
I left no doubt, but that never got me anywhere.
No doubt never got me anywhere.

Talks that tiptoed the night took us there.
Thoughts step to nothing, write before they sink.
I know you, do you know me?