Center of Gravity (5/2019)

He’s no genius, enigma, just fix it, he thinks.
He says, ‘I think, maybe, they don’t think enough.
Maybe, don’t feel enough.
Always have, always will was said.
Maybe just a little different
and there’s always music in the background.

There’s just so much out there.
So many people out there.
So many things to see.
They’ve seen it the whole time and
I’ve never known what’s happening,
so where is my center of gravity?

People you have wrapped around your finger,
drown them out like rings down drains.
Where’d we leave those things?
Is it just me, or has everybody else gone insane?
How do they not see
what’s going to be happening?

I think they wound up writing a book about it,
but he built a cabinet and croaked
on a mountain near a desert, something like that.
Then a buncha people believed him.
I don’t know, didn’t read it.
What if this is our last dinner?
Be sure to pile your plate. Take a second, helping.
Serve it up. Breathing.
Nobody believes me.

People lose their minds sometimes.
I never lose it, just leave it.
Just gotta leave some things sometimes,
come back when you’re ready.’

But, that was just him talking.
He never knew what he was talking about.
They never knew what he was thinking about.
He never knew what was happening,
and he found no use in a center of gravity.

He said, ‘gravity seems to walk on me.’