Catching Lemons (5/2019)

Left our heads with the towels, shirts and shade.
We just jumped right in,
we’ve never been good at waiting.

She was so cool, she froze up.
Said, ‘you’re both fools’, she knows us.
Saw right through the last two years.
Gave us the stuff we don’t like to hear.

We were tossing lemons in the pool.
it was Tuesday and we had no idea.
I’m supposing we didn’t care, caught in space.
We were catching lemons like the old days.
Floating on our backs, back to our old ways.
Relaxing, not sure if it’s still Tuesday,
first time in a while.

She was so warm, she melted.
Said, ‘ride the storm’, she felt it.
Saw the songs between our ears,
sang, ‘you never listened the last two years.’

Right. Our heads are with the towels and shade.
We’ll just stay right here,
I feel we’ve earned a few moments in space.

We’ll just throw some lemons,
we’ll all be just fine.
We’ll just float here, down on earth,
we’ll all take our time.
Take our time for the first time in a while.

You say too much, there’s silence.
Like in lemons, like in life.
Take some time for the first time in a while.