Space on the Sky (5/2019)

He just needed his feet up,
he couldn’t stand to sit down.
He just needed a moment,
but never saw the use in chasing time around.

In circles. Again.

He was so tired of back then
and he was so tired of moving on.
So he stayed in right now
so nothing could go wrong.
He took his shoes and socks off.
Spaced on the sky for a while
before he stood inside.

He just needed a memory,
he couldn’t remember a thing.
He just needed that moment
to show its face and strut back onto the scene.

Walked out to a table to back flip
through an old blue book.
Only written, only clues.
Forgotten moment, where are you?
Strut back onto the scene,
Moment, let me know that
that wasn’t all a dream.