Subway to Silence (5/2019)

I’ve followed you for years, around.
And I’d catch up if you’d slow down.
We built this thing so it would last
and rode together through our whole past.

Little leaf left yesterday
fell off to blow with the wind.
Said he ain’t comin’ back today
with a crooked grin.
Without words. In his eyes.
Sayin’ he had something to do.

He sat on the subway, wondering.
Another ride between the headlines.
Strangers struggle to fold the news and
I don’t know where I’m going,
but I know this isn’t my stop.
This isn’t when I think I’m gonna make the drop.

If you would just come down.
If this would all just slow down.
If you could just make the music not so loud,
have a breath, listen to your own sound,
you know, I’d give you back your crown.
Nobody ever stole it, got forgotten by the water
so many years ago. All those years ago.
I’m so tired of walking.
Sit down, space in silence.
Where nobody’s reading the news,
been carrying this forever.

Sat right between the headlines.
Stared out sliding windows to see more inside.
He was leavin’ town, crooked grin in his eyes.
On his lap, a crown and ten thousand nights,
his smile stood there, staring down life.

Taking it. Bringing it.
Underground to a different part of town.
Just gotta slow it all down.