Can’t Bring That In Here (6/2019)

Little teeny tiny man
slid off a bun into a can
that opened up as it cooled down.
A thread was rolling on the ground.

Little teeny tiny guy,
sees wood crack strings into a sky
that walked right in as it got dark.
A cool, false, wind crawled through the park.

Fountains will ruin strangers days
and they aren’t listening to what you say.

Another one’s gone, say goodbye,
Don’t look at me, look in. He’s running.
I see diamonds. They see sand. He’s running.

Little teeny tiny sir,
watching barrels, like a bird
that’s always late to leave the nest.
A moment here to catch my breath.

Little teeny tiny boy
dreamed of being like his toys,
they scaled up walls and never aged.
A human runs out of a cage.

I see a diamond while they see sand.
Look out, he’s running again.