Forget Footprints (6/2019)

One evening, a moon lit up oceans of snow,
revealing a highway where four soles would go.

Time piecing tiles for water to fall on.
Pictures, picture perfect. I fell right in.
Like lemons on a birthday, a trophy from a friend.

Never stopped to learn
how to say what should be said
to help me remain unknown
and two show up as soon as the other two go.
Show me your scars and I’ll trust you,
twirl and paint you brighter blues.

Light, piecing pigments for happy to nap on.
Pixels, picture perfect. I fell right in.
Like laughter on a birthday, a letter from a friend.

This evening, we stumbled up to our dreams.
These mirrors, showing footprints
where four feet had been.

Something’s so different. So much. The same.
Two went left right there,
two just disappeared.
Time out for finding, time out for flying.
Calm down, you’re flying.
Come down, you’re fine.
Pushing through, leaving time tapering
as though the past had never begun.

We walked, talking on the sand
never looking back.
We stumbled into our dreams.
Tomorrow sings a little louder,
brighter shade of you.