Crossed Wires (6/2019)

I’ve got two eyes staring at me,
draped in plastic perfume.
She’s just talking and talking
and my mind walks to you.
I crossed wires that way.

There are people speaking at me,
convinced that I am confused.
Silent talking, they’re mocking
my different point of view.
I’m not lost. Why that way?

I hid behind a smile I had painted on my face.
At best I’m a workhorse, at my worst I’m insane.
Words melt darkness and
the sun just feels better after a lot of rain.
Cooled down,
and it washed that smile from my face.

No known ego. Shown proud.
So many mistakes to get here.
Speak your heart out loud
and you’ll never walk alone.

Brilliance shines brighter than darkness
and silence only makes you a memory.
You help me across the wire.
When they won’t listen.
When they can’t understand, there’s different.
Come find me when no one will listen.

Things happen that we’d never think to imagine.
How it’s seemed recently.
Cooled down. Sunshine and rain,
came down.
Washed a decades old smile from a face.
The thought of you
can balance me,
get me across the wire.