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Do we take enough time to breathe?
Do you ever wonder if I still believe?
The weather died for an hour and five
and that’s when I knew you were there.
Last year you threw air over peaks.
This year, plugged the leaks just long enough
for us to get a little out.

Not around this year, it was weird.
Crawled across my mind throughout the night.
The storm was outside this time
all the real faces, none of the fake,
but, what’s a celebration without a little cake?
Guitar’s back got cracked by art
and they both started laughing.
Guitar got back to laughing.

Last summer leaking chaos.
Still can’t believe you’ll never see us here.
Always said you’d see us here,
and now she brings a smile as well as a tear.

Permission’s been given to be ourselves
to kick off the night.
Old thoughts get thrown out
to thousands of people for the first time.
Wonder if they’ve ever thought about that.

Breakdowns take us places.
Ten feet not looking back.
Above will bawl when we’re done,
but what’s meant to be
seems come back around.
So we’ll come back around,
because I’ve been feeling the wind.

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