Crackhead in a Pantry (7/2019)

Pull two barrels when I call you out.
Maybe too open. I said honestly, you’re a clown.
Did I get in your head? Whaddya say?
Ha ha ha, who went away?
Look at you, your eyes gone astray.
You put those barrels three inches from my face.
What are you insane? I woulda lost my brain.

You’re fucking crazy, I am love
and I’m the only thing I’ve ever been afraid of.

My pockets were full of danger,
they saw stop sign eyes and they thought, anger.
Pigs then put them down,
they let me go,
sidekicks kicked in, said it’s all inside.
As they cut across the lawn,
we got in the getaway car
straight up to the basement to hide.

Thinking back, we didn’t know anything yet.
Smoke and sun may make my eyes seem upset.
We’re so young. So much fun. Really? A gun?
Don’t mess with me, you’ll wind up feeling bad.
Probably running away.
Outsmart you,
and I’ve got happy even when I lose it.