In The Wake (7/2019)

I discovered how I work.
I’ve always known how you operate.
Uncovered how I work.
Waste no time when you take aim.

I fall and I rise
and I’m done looking for problems.
Uncovering how I work.

My head leaves me, it heads to space.
Leaves me left with my body
left to pick up the pace.

I’d never been me until recently.
Suddenly, here I am.
My thoughts were dripping from a stereo.
Mind sharpened, lacking no material.
Recently, here I am.
I don’t know that I’ve never been scared,
I just know that I’ve already been there.

Monster. Dead, but breathing.
Now I’ve been every single thing
that I never wanna be.
I hope nobody listened to me.

My head left me,
humming pick up the pace.
Suddenly, here I am.
I don’t remember at all.

Wastes no time when she takes aim.
Sense common sense becoming uncommon.
She set me ablaze with her winter call.
In the wake of a tidal wave
that I don’t remember at all.