Quiet (7/2019)

Put on these ears, go out back to my own world.
Beautiful quiet here.

Bouncing down an old dirty road,
in my mind sang, ‘here we go.’
I was gone, it was on.
We were walking.

I swear I stopped to tie my shoe
and I jumped on my shoulders too.
So much weight, just wait
‘til you fall right off of you.

Leaning out a rear view window,
ears off just to hear, ‘let go.’
Couldn’t hide, couldn’t lie.
I was flying.

It was really dark.
Feeling just like an old song.
I was crawling
and they saw ‘nothing’s wrong.’

Put on these ears and hide out back.
Put on these ears and stay on track.
Put on these ears and take your time.
The wonderful quiet I hear.