Reconsider Walk (7/2019)

Diving off stars, to float toward the night.
A walk to the corner to pick up a bite.
Writing in cans and passing the turn.
Finding a signal and losing my words.

Soaring past people, leaving no one behind.
Running on coffee and shaking with time.
Calling up friends and asking, ‘hello?’
Seeking out comfort in somewhere unknown.

The ceiling was sweating the other evening.
I saw people moving to my day.
Photographer didn’t capture a thing,
reeling me in, leading me to reconsider.
I still can’t shake that picture.

Shining with silence when its all too loud.
Feeling uncertain when part of the crowd.
Digging deep holes, but having some fun.
Hearing no nonsense while speaking in tongues.

Looking for distance in everything here.
Laughing at crazy while dancing in clear.
Thinking of laughter and missing a smile.
All of these people, they’re not quite my style.

I can’t shake that picture.
I can’t shake those words.
I can’t shake the things I said.
I hope nobody heard.
Reeling me in, leading me to reconsider.