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Stars circle around us
‘til they run out of space.
Hit walls before ground,
and set sail at a steadier pace.

Tell me I’m not getting any younger,
or a lot more that I’ve never known.
Tell me I’m a fool to always wonder,
or something else I’ve never been told.

Tell me that I don’t know what I’m doing,
or anything that never crossed my mind.
Tell me that I’m crazy for not snoozing,
or something else that wastes my time.

Stars hurdle the ground
until they fall on their face.
Burn out, then come down
and stumble in with familiar grace.

Discover it all as we go.
Everything I learned today,
was a few things that my radio played.
Stars come down and find their place.

Turning dials for a while,
seeking more than static.
My mind’s on a star and I can’t get any signal.
Like there’s a heart up in my attic.
We’re never far from where we could be going.
Watching the FM spin again.
Two stars timelapse down a dirt road.
Seeking more than static.

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