Understand the Ocean (7/2019)

the sand between my toes understands
the notion that tides will come and go.
I know shallow water leads to somewhere
someone’s already been.

salt drapes my eyes.
it all feels so different.
gotta get way out there to leave my feet.
if I’m meant to leave my feet.
gotta get way out there.

tipping, whimsical waves
tell tales of lives, time and crashing.
I know shallow water leads to something
everybody’s seen.

good right here, shut my eyes,
I must be facing the sky, I’m floating.
ripples in the sand felt my fingers
and my eye shadows aren’t leaving –
now I’m up thinking.
watching waves crash in my world.
from here I can see that we’ll weather this storm.
tides, like time and distance,
have my heart thirsty for a little bit more.

ask plenty of questions
and I’ll understand the ocean.
give answers time.
I stood on the sand and stared at the sky.