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I’m so good at walking. Walking’s what I do.
When I need to stretch my thoughts,
footprints make them move.

I’m so good at falling. Falling’s what I do.
When I find my mind is strong,
my face hits my shoes.

Another bounce back.
A float with a best friend.
Another breath to free what’s been inside of me.
A chance to see those eyes dancing again.
I am not rebelling. I am done surviving.
I know there’s no telling, I am just alive and
I’m looking for answers.
Another bounce back.

I’m so good at crawling. Crawling’s what I do.
Time, it likes to pummel me,
so I strut two by two.

I’m so good at flying. Flying’s what I do.
Earth’s not built for hearts like this,
I fly past the moon.

Always here, no matter when.
Did you get the thought I sent?
Did you hear the thought I heard?
Will you listen for the words meant for you?
I’m not lost again.

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