This Grey Shirt (8/2019)

Crossword on a shirt on the center of my chest,
softest letters that I’ve ever felt.
Swirling abbreviations with fingertips
my memory lands on a face
and the spot on the corner for coffee place.
Alley talks with grace.
Some of my favorite days.
Important, anyway.

The smile she’d send
was a sunrise heaven bent.
In time, I’ll touch that sunrise again,
one day in the present tense.
Before things got so complicated.
Threw my mind to the wolves,
no wonder they never ate it.

Bring me little balls of joy.
Fix me up, I’ll kick these toys.
I’ll run around with nothing wrong.
I’ll finish writing my life’s song.
Doing what’s gotta get done.
I don’t think I’ll ever feel I’ve won,
and it seems every day I’ve just begun.

Deep distant stare.
Cake crumb black hair.
Keeping me balanced, while I’m walking on air.
It’s all silence.

Wise, warrior, queen.
Back porch, piece of work, dream.
Most beautiful painting that I’ve ever seen.
Full of silence.

Put pens down to circle words on my chest.
Paint chipped picnic table, murals, out west.
Important, anyway.
Alley talks with grace.
Nothing like the rest.