Boy Listen (8/2019)

Boy, don’t you know where I’ve been?
Where I come from? What I’ve done and seen?
Why do you stick around?
Boy, are you make believe?

I’ll be the heart and the brain.
Be the body.
Do the speaking.

I’ll be the wind and the rain,
and the leaves.
I will take the beating.

Honestly not sure if I measure up.
Eyes cinched so tight, and breathe.
I hum a song inside my mind
and I attempt to leave.

Hibernate in caves
in the summer
in the center
of the city.
Pace around in waves.
It’s the summer.
there’s no sinning,
it’s all just part of living.

I’ll be the heart and the brain, I’ll take the beating.
Be the body. Please, please do the speaking.
Pace around in caves, hibernate in waves.
Seal my eyes and knead my nerves.
I see her shadow, hear it’s curves
whispering, when will you learn?
When will you ever listen?