Polishing Stars (8/2019)

Been hearing ‘some day’ my whole life now,
and watching stars from afar for a while now.
Been thinking about some day,
a year, and maybe never.

Walkin’, thinkin’ about what I thought at the time.
Strollin’ past strangers.
Wasn’t really listening,
someone said it’s just after Saturday.
Someone said the beginning, someone said the end.
Something about a cord’s day,
but I wasn’t really listening.
Was thinking about some day.
What if it’s always been some day?

Without sleep, we make no memories.
Forget time, we’ve always got all day.
A star called me, in the most nervous way, in the winter.
Don’t know what else to say.
I guess we’ve got all day.

Little star crawlin’, lookin’ to find itself.
Little star, fall in. Put you on the top shelf.
I’ll aim to not misplace me again.
Find us in outer space again.

We can’t be late for the future.
I’m sure I’m wrong, but you know I’m right.
Tail back to the brightness you were,
with all these lessons you’ve learned,
cause I’m not gone and I’ve got all night.
And, I’m sure I’m wrong, but you know I’m right.
Why ever wait for some day?
Why ever let it get to never?
It’ll shine and stay.