Align (9/2019)

‘Don’t need a briefcase
or a fancy suit to spew some truth’,
an old soul said, ‘don’t let you get the best of you.’
I don’t know where I went,
but I’m pretty sure I’ve been here.
Yeah, I believe I’ve been here.
I fear yesterday’s moved on.
Yeah, I can see yesterday’s moved on.
I’d like to scream, but I’d rather not say it.

See it on the rooftop.
Pass me like a train stop.
It’s all fast forward in slow motion.
Man, I know that feeling,
I swam through that emotion.

Rooftops, walking past me.
Am I far behind?
All this time as everything,
a mystery painted line.

Knew it like a good night.
Through me like a stoplight.
It’s all fast forward in slow motion.
Man, I know that thinking.
I sank in that same ocean.

Good night, come on back to me.
Are you far behind?
On those pages, everything.
In time, this will align.

Hear me on a highway.
Spread me on a roll.
When does life ever slow down?
That woman gets my soul.

Find me in an ocean.
Leave me on a wave.
What if nothing ever went wrong
and everything just stayed?

All that crashing. Finally settled our toes in the sand.
Need it all like water, I suppose.
If anything’s to grow.