When speaking of the world,
children are ill. Must be. Brains be sick, they’re crazy.
Oh, but it comes to the bodies, they gotta know
right and wrong. The adults are sick, they’re crazy.
They land on both sides,
too little to know and old enough to decide
at the same time.
Which is it?
She’s brilliant.
No mistakes, it’s yours now.
Watch out.

Trying to save this place,
grown-up plastic face.
TV talkers. Contradictors.
Knock her down when you should lift her.

Funny, little soul crushing demon’s dreams, a walk out.
Look at all these people
standing on the street.
Everything has an impact
and everyone thinks they know.
How could they know that it’s ‘nothing’?

This thing’s melting.
Burn both ends of the candle for right now.
Seems to you, your time’s the only time.
Have you ever stopped for a second
to sit and consider tomorrow?

You read what’s written on a screen, do you think?
Trees breathe, like life leaves.

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