Use Your Smile (9/2019)

Hide the flood, flip the feeling.
Sail a thought, it’s so appealing.
Fingers-crossed our roads collide,
cause I could use your smile on this lifelike ride.

Snap the snail, wind on windows.
Hark, a dream, drag innuendoes.
We’ll just rest our souls for a while,
I could use your smile if you ever get the time.

Bring it all back, down the line.
Tell me with time these roads collide.
You get gold. Do you get free?
Green glass fantasies and bourgeoisie.

Old man, mustard bottle, got me every time.
Dinger, dinner, hockey talks, before I lost my mind.
Wishing right now, I never took that trip.
Now time, like sand, it slowly drips.

I sat outside, because I could tonight.
We sang over a bridge.