One Foot Tango (10/2019)

They’re on the road, he’s off his feet.
He spends his day preparing feasts that he’ll survive off
for a little bit less than a week.

Choppin’, he’s cookin’, bastin’, wastin’ no time,
hearing Hallelujah.
Got all day to go nowhere.
Hoppin’, he’s hurtin’, bakin’, makin’ good time,
humming Aphrodite.
Too many days to do nothin’.

Sips on coffee pots and thinks, he should stop.
Got to, gotta sit still, wanna rock.
Haul it all over this hill one last time,
come on, join the circus.

When are you coming back?
Come on. Join our circus.

Flippin’, he’s laughin’, grillin’, filled it with love,
singing Apollo’s song.
Got all day to get there now.
Drippin’, he’s waitin’, willin’, spilled it with love.
Humming Lioness Wright.
Too many days to remember.

It’s still out there, he’s off his feet.
He spends his day preparing things so he can lie down
for a little bit more than a week.