Hear It In The Writing (10/2019)

Wherever you are tonight,
I hope you’re happy.
Hope you’re filled.
If you’re not, just come my way.
I’ve got so much, I spill.

Overflowing with love.
Overflowing with things I never could get enough of.
Like it was there all along,
I just heard the same songs differently.
Suppose I listen differently.
Learn a little differently.

Shine, please.
You know I know what’s in you.
Shine, please.
When you do, it’s all I see,
and there’s too much left here to leave.

Whatever you’re doing tonight,
I hope you’re smiling.
That wherever you are, you’re good.
If you’re not, just come my way,
we’ll figure out what could.

Live wild, and so patiently.
Learned I learn things differently,
I let me get the best of me,
when I hide inside the rest of me.
Whatever you’re doing tonight.