Rooftop Manifesto (10/2019)

Car shows in bed, she paints with diamonds, her blue.
He looks to a rooftop he once knew,
‘I’ve already proved I’ll change the manifest for you.’

Said I didn’t get those. Made him all crazy.
Said he’s a lot of things, his normal’s out a ways, see?
Ups and downs always breathe, they’re part of this.
Waves, we ride them. However you wanna say it.

Lying in bed, she sings, ‘I complain to you.’
Remembering rooftops, before blues.
‘I’ve said this already, it’s like it doesn’t get through.’

Said I didn’t get that. Made her all crazy.
Said she’s a lot of things, but she is not a phase to me.
Leaves know roots breathe, so they drop to them.
Trees, we climb them. However you wanna say it.

Twisting ‘til changed weather.
They ran until they flew together.
They flipped the scene when it unreeled.
They found the things they couldn’t steal.

Dancing like doorstops, kicked skipping hopscotch.
Winding down the straight and narrow,
she hit his heart with her love’s arrow.

Rooftops echoed with smiles that they missed.
Sunrise simmering for years,
the day’s yearning to begin.