Imitated Tricks (10/2019)

Stumbling down Houdini’s hatch,
a poor man says, ‘That’s the last time I’ll do that.
I gotta start escaping.
new century’s dancing right there in the distance.

Put me in a straitjacket.
I gotta lose these cuffs.
I’d buy the Queen’s dress,
disappear and get me out of this mess.’

Imitated tricks get trashed,
a rich man says, ‘Well, it was only one crash.
I gotta fly Down Under.
Come on, friend of mine,
leave legacy, magic flickers in the distance.

Guess I’ll ditch this prison van.
I gotta hold my breath.
I’d watch my mom smile,
vanish, hide me in Harlem for a while.’

Water-filled milk can, give me a whale.
Little more than three minutes.
You don’t believe in magic do you?
Goodbye elephant,
we can escape from it all.

‘It rang me up in Detroit,
came from a few floors above me.’