Monk’s Roast (11/2019)

I was driving, headin’ east.
She sat shotgun, sleepin’ right next to me.
I was talkin’, whispering,
She dreamed as I breathed ‘I’m pretty sure I’m in love.’

New Mexico, dirt road, we were flying.
Left the pools,
monks on mountaintops poured some coffee
and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Give it all up to follow something they’ll never see.
Listen to a guy try to play a CD.
Start the video, oh technology.
Just building all day, believing whatever they say.
Get a haircut, ring a bell, best behavior,
when the strangers arrive.
This guy only wants more money.

Got him going and we left.
Grabbed a coffee cup and a bag and got out,
before we went to watch the stars, floating.

I was hummin’, driving north.
She was waking up, yawning ‘what am I leaving for?’
We were smilin’, just one more.
She leaned in, left me knowing our lives would collide.

Windshield wipers wouldn’t work on that ride home.
That storm spilled right on my sleeve.
Space isn’t leaving,
it’s us collecting us ‘til we leave this space behind.