Think I Was Dreaming (11/2019)

I saw death and lost my shit.
Maybe it’s heaven and I’m afraid to commit.
I found love and it disappeared.
Maybe it’s out there, but it’s sure as hell not here.

I’ve had friends who lost their minds.
Finally snapped branches with the weight of their time.
I’ve been different people it seems.
Finely diced to pieces, but somehow I still gleam.

I didn’t think I was dreaming.

Drifting while the leaves start to blow.
I really thought that was real.
Lift me up and watch me grow.
Wring it out, spill just how you feel.
Floating, it’s all part of the show.

I watched lifetimes fall too hard.
What if we’d all get along if we dropped our guard?
I spied heart, it was crystal clear.
What if it’s beat could kick away our fear?

I went out, too far inside.
Winding, I set sight for down to nowhere to hide.
I left me in a mountain town.
Why did we never listen to the circus clowns?

I didn’t think I was dreaming.
Speak and it changes.
Time takes itself fixing up this puzzle.
Laughter dims, while some things seem to linger.
I’ve seen it for years, it’s crystal clear.
I didn’t think I was dreaming.