Finish Lines (11/2019)

I love your reckless,
I dig your smile.
I like the way you follow yourself,
even if it takes a while.

I love your kitchen,
I dig your eyes.
I like the way you whisper to me,
even if sometimes it’s lies.

Chase your heart, it’s racing.
Their finish line is way behind.
Nothing’s right ‘cause nothing’s left.
You went silent, I went deaf.
Chasing my heart, it’s racing ahead.

Finish lines,
to me, seem to be the last of someone’s imagination.

I love your patience.
I dig your art.
I like the way you let me go,
even when I’ll fall apart.

I love your warrior.
I dig your mind.
I like the way you sauté through life,
even when years are not kind.

Chase my heart, it’s racing a head.

Drank wine and then danced.
Wasn’t afraid to take the chance.
Lived her life by her own rules
and fought through things they don’t teach in school.
Ocean corner warrior,
I wonder how you’re doing.