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Wonder how you’re doing. wonder how you are.
Apologies for the time I got pulled over in your car.

Wonder where it’s headed, wonder what’s in store.
Apologies for the time I flew into the wrong airport.

It was the strangest thing,
I could read people and I couldn’t speak.
I never knew where I was.
I’d walk all the way down my escalator
and I’d wind up above.
We knew each other well enough
to know that we weren’t us.

Wonder if you’re happy, wonder if you pout.
Apologies for the time by Kansas when I sold you out.

Wonder where we’re going, wonder how I knew.
Apologies for the living that I’ve put you through.

Too much started moving, a little too much life.
Words got stacked over in the corner of our own minds.
Hadta runta something new,
I never knew where I was going.
Wound up where I was when we met.
Figured I’d see you up ahead.
We didn’t know where we went.

Walkin’ these little lines, timelines, little lines.
Thinkin’, hopin’ these lines will wind together.
Knowin’ nobody knows me better.
Why I keep on walkin’.

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