Wandering Dreams (12/2019)

The stars in her eyes hit me like constellations
falling from the sky.
Sat and wondered how it’s already December.

That same dream, she showed up to a show.
She smiled and I awoke.
Smiled when I woke up, so I’m not sure she saw it.
Funny how it all feels real.
Are dreams not part of life?
I feel like really feeling it’s real,
but maybe that’s just how I think.

So what makes anything real?
We all sleep, speak, think, and eat differently.
Act differently. Among other things.
How it seems to me at least,
but they say I am dreaming.

The stars in the sky catching a single teardrop
falling from her eye.
Sat and wondered if he would ever remember.

She’s a wandering soul’s shoes,
a ray of light in a sea of blues,
the answer to things I thought I knew,
when she walks in from the distance.

But they say I am dreaming.