Whistle Humming (12/2019)

Sat on a suitcase, writing,
resembling different, winter weather biting.

Rode on a snowflake, painting,
assembling pigments, summer sunshine fainting.

The day, it leaves to find itself,
the night’s just looking for answers.
Owls spin watching mermaids win,
while people pretend to know what they’re doing.

We all catch up to us.
Just gotta let ourselves go.

Stood in a circus, stoking,
creating lifetimes, weekend wisdom joking.

Ran in a standstill, flying,
debating nice rhymes, season’s cycle crying.

Chased life to the tracks, hands nailed to the ground.
Train whistle humming, under her sound.
She always shows up right on time.
Owls spin looking for answers.
Sunshine left us looking somewhere else.