Wagging Tail (12/2019)

Lifted him when things weren’t right,
by his side, slept through the night.
She smiled at the break of day,
and woke him up to fade away.

Walked behind her windshield’s mist,
out to her car, carried a list.
She looked up at a window pane
and whispered, ‘you are not to blame.’

She scales her life with no harness,
brings the stars into my darkness,
we’ve got the same scars, and
I’m more than certain it’s true.

Few things he said talkin’ to a dog,
thinkin’ deliver this message.
Talking to a dog.

Tossed and turned around her bed,
By My Side rang through his head.
He sat next to a wagging tail,
regretting sending all the mail.

Gazed at him, a lasered glare.
Black and white, a crooked stare.
He got up and walked outside,
ocean eyes, continued to ride.