San Francisco Ceilings (1/2020)

Maybe I’m just rollin’.
Maybe I’m just fine.
Maybe I’m just gettin’ older,
like this shamrock bottle of wine.

They said he was crazy.
They said he was done.
They said he was takin’ his time,
winning races he’d already won.

Tell him what time is.
Playin’ mind games.
Keep up, it’s similar to the time it was.
Whatever time it was.

San Francisco ceilings.
Please speak to me.

Couldn’t I just fly there?
Couldn’t I just be?
Couldn’t I just leave myself once
and finally run into me?

They thought he would tumble.
They thought he would burst.
They thought he was circling time,
skipping around all the worst.

Tell him what time is.
Ceilings speaking to me.
Please speak to me.
Walking around in circles,
skimming through the universe,
ceilings speaking to me.