Wonder Out a Window (1/2020)

Grinning, spinning on a tube.
Smile and say ‘what is it with you?’
Gotta bring me with me when I move.

Slipping, tripping on the moon.
Lean in, laugh, and roll off the roof.
Something always happens when we lose.

And I can hear two songs right now.
And I’m sliding sideways while I write right now.
Scribbling on a road, headed home,
any road’ll go somewhere.
Why wouldn’t I wonder out the window?

Spray painted halo preaching to me.

Prying, flying on a dream.
Keeping happy, harder than it seems.
Gotta live some grit if we’re ever gonna gleam.

Sitting, knitting up a scene.
Still standing, changing what it means.
Gotta get together if this feeling’s gonna flee.

Preacher, spray paint halo, you don’t know
anything more than what I wonder out a window.