Conductor in the Caboose (1/2020)

Two leaves danced off a tree
to get down, see what’s out there.
Tangoing, different speeds,
to build crowns, get some fresh air.

Two drops left on a train
to move on, felt all they’d seen.
Conductor, in front of rain,
sings his song, humming, ‘I know what you mean.’

Throwing more love to the fire,
melt steel and leave storms behind us.
A tired man in a cap tracks back to the caboose
and sits down for the first time in a while.
Two drops behind him.
Raindrops on railroads.
Conductor stuck under a life he’s left,
and the rain just rolls up his windshield.

Two hands twirl on a clock
to call up perspiring rays.
Dialing time ‘til it talks,
singing songs, humming, ‘to sunnier days.’

Two rails run to the west
to slow down, breathe, and feel free.
Gamboling through bad and best,
like two leaves dancing off of a tree.

Lining up, suddenly.
Dancing the same direction.