Building A Story (1/2020)

If you’re always awake, you’re never gonna wake up.
Go to sleep. Get some dreams.
Wake up, don’t chase aimlessly.

Coffee on the bedside.
I can’t seem to sleep right.
I’m so calm, I never fight.
I can’t relax, I’m so uptight.
I’m wired.
Wired a little differently.

I’m still building my house.
Little more work on the roof.
Little more work on the kitchen and yard,
and I’ll get back to you.

Read my mind a book.
Give my mind that look.
Warm my mind a cup of tea,
tell me it’s not make believe.

Best of luck feeling the breeze if you don’t stop moving.
Slow toes down. Slug the wind.
Happy with the life you live.

I’m still building my bike.
Little more work on the brakes.
Little more work on the comfiest seats,
and then we will awake.

Read my mind a story.