Sing The Moving (1/2020)

Days dreaming of places you’ll go
get you nowhere, you know.
We can do anything.

Somebody rent this movie reel,
pull it from the shelf.
Swear sometimes it just starts playing
when I am by myself.

I push pause and watch it.
There’s nothin’ wrong with that.
Sometimes you gotta stop the moving.

Nights gnawing on pieces of past
will slow you down so fast.
You can’t do anything.

Spin this vinyl scent,
drop the needle there.
Swear sometimes it just starts playing
and I don’t seem to care.

Leaning left, I listen
til no one’s song comes out.
That’s when you gotta sing the moving.

Couches changing colors, last week’s news on TV,
I sing when no one is listening.
Push pause and watch it over and over again.
Spinning black listening to my thoughts singing along,
next to love, til the end.