Elizabeth Sword (2/2020)

When will we listen?
What would you do?
Do you think of me when I think of you?

Where is this going?
Will it work out?
A whisper hits me like light through a cloud.

Sunshine feels different these days.
Where everything makes sense
must be that side of some other fence.
Icy lemon water,
laughter rhymes with daughter,
and it seems we’re going the same way.

Put her ears on tonight for the first time in a while.
With that note, thought of a smile.

Why do we stay here?
When will we know?
The silence hits me like quakes from a bow.

What if I vanished?
What’s make believe?
What do you feel, and what is perceived?

Questions asked while listening.
Questions asked while listening go unheard.
You know, they go unheard.