Sleep Well, Shuffle (2/2020)

I’m blowin’ up God’s cell for help with sleeping well.
Writing angels, asking if they’ll cook me dinner tonight.
Laughing while devils try to fuck with my friends.

I’m shovin’ loads up my nose just to see where it goes.
Writing loved ones as three different mes.
Swimming, as distance pours a tidal wave of quiet.

I’m standin’. Not reading what’s been written.
Lemon drop water, I’m drinkin’ it. Coffee too.
Taking deep breaths, making waves.
Alive lately, think I’m out of my way.
Showed her cards but I only know how to shuffle.
Maybe war, go fish, crazy 8s, it’s too late but I’m alive.
Speaking. Feeling. Giving. Living. Grasping.
Future versus failure.
Versus. Verses. I can’t write cursive.

Voicemails get old, I bet all the people are calling.
I’m writing angels, thanking them for living that way.
Smiling while demons sing and dance out there.

I’m drivin’ pedestrian roads over rivers with a full load.
Writing things out, wondering why I do this.
Laying next to music, I find me trying to get through
to a good night’s sleep.