April Fools (2/2020)

Sunshine, laughs, and all they’d ever wanted.
Bare bones mansion,
could’ve sworn it was haunted.
It’s living.

Wrote a radio, dreamt of distance disappearing.
Bare bones mansion,
mirrored marvelous demons near me.
Our living.

Stars flicker down to a fire
outside under a deep, deep moon,
light up two worn faces,
squinting, joyful’s coming soon.

Big waves, flames, and all life’d ever longed for.
Bare bones mansion,
locked out, baker he’d hum songs for.
It’s dreaming.

Hearing highways call, chasing chances until knowing.
Bare bones mansion,
listening to silence growing.
Not dreaming.

These stars shine,
and these stars, they take their time.
Take some time to flicker.
Flicker with the fire, and head back up to the sky.
Talking to the night,
two walk into the night.