Chaptered Book (2/2020)

Third letter of the alphabet,
first letter of a name.
Never thought too much of school,
became the target grade.

You see him in the distance yet?
You hear him in your calm?
You fall right through his fingertips,
then he lands in your palm.

He said, ‘you really wrecked me,
from life to birds,
thoughts to words.
From what’s arranged
to time, to change.
I’m up, come and get me.’

First person there when it all blew up,
third person, bird’s-eye view.
Always took his time with life,
the patience to tie shoes.

You hear him in the memories?
You see him in your tears?
You fall into his chaptered book,
and he says. ‘glad you’re here.’

Said he’d take over a small town, bring his friends.
He sang, life, come and get me.
Said he’d take over a small town, knew no end.
He sang, love, come and get me.

I’m up. Come and wreck me.