Come On, Bird (2/2020)

Little roadrunner walkin’ down the street.
Little roadrunner stopped and talked to me.

He said, ‘my friend, I’ve had a long day.’
He said, ‘the end? I’m headed that way.’

Bird where you walkin’?
Bird do you not fly?
You keep crossing white lines like that
and you are gonna die.

Little roadrunner ridin’ next to me.
Little roadrunner drooled and caught some Zzzz’s.

I thought, ‘uh, friend? Just let that shit go.’
I thought, ‘the end? I don’t want to know.’

Bird, when you wakin’?
Bird, why do you lie?
You don’t get out of your cloud soon,
you’ll never touch the sky.

I’ll turn the dial down for a while.
I don’t know why you aren’t flying.
I knew I shouldn’t have stopped.