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What if it’s a movie? What if that’s a fact?
What if I walk out to the set,
and don’t know how to act?

What if it’s a ballad? What if it’s a tune?
What if they came for a good time,
and aren’t into the blues?

Sensed an earthquake. Maybe I fell awake?
Lost and found throughout the ages.
Counted two sheep. Maybe I fell asleep?
Tossed and turned and dropped some pages.

An old man told me, eventually,
‘I don’t know what to do, man I can’t help you.’
So, I think I figured it out.
So, I guess I’m just wondering.

What if it’s a picture? What if that’s the claim?
What if I’m a fly on the wall,
and can’t get in the frame?

What if it’s unwritten? What if it’s not done?
What if we’re already there,
and we don’t know we’ve won?

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