Cocoon Blues (3/2020)

Blue caterpillar called me one calm winter night.
Tapped its toes and threw a song through the line.

Blue caterpillar lives, sings, it gives everything.
Found palms, ground and fingers, flew from a fling.

Seems we are done hanging.
One of those days we just started walking.
One of these days, to be flying.
Flying up there with the leaves.

Blue caterpillar lands, stretches out, brand new life.
Climbed out windows to rooftops to see who was right.

Blue caterpillar walked out to talk that cold night.
Flapped it’s wings before it set all of me on fire.

Saying right now is not the right time.
We’ll sing our song together somewhere down the line.
Any of the songs we’ll write.
Cocoon, start moving.
Over all the hanging.
Any of the songs we’ll write,
whisper soft good nights,
til morning puts up its fight
and we hang through the day.