Inside Child (3/2020)

Why brush my teeth before coffee?
Why did I gleek on that guy?
They’ll never know it was crying,
I’ll just tell them that I’m high.

Why stay in here when there’s outside?
Why did I need to call then?
They’ll never know what I’m thinking,
I cannot show where I’ve been.

He went struttin, singing down the street,
How long til my people are allowed to be near me?
It’s been such a long time,
swear it’s been over a year,
and the last time,
wouldn’t doubt if they didn’t remember.
Sings, I remember it all.

Why walk around when my foot hurts?
Why did I not buy the cheese?
They’ll never know what is in there,
I’ll tell them I lost the keys.

Why stop a tune before playing?
Why did I feel like a child?
They’ll never know that they’re crazy,
I’ll write it’s me that is wild.

Been two weeks since he talked to anybody.
He’s been livin’ inside.
Sorting through old thoughts he’d left behind.