Thoughts 76 (4/2020)

Nothing in the mind tonight.
I’m tired.
This would be art, but it’s me.
Feel alone a lot, not free.
Back to it.
I’m the one who falls off track. Now you do it?
I can take it. These people are unproven.
You’re the world man. You blew it.
Whenever I’m makin’ changes.
That wasn’t right, and you know, and you knew it.
You got everyone this time
and somehow some don’t know it.
Huddled up on beaches. Where’s a tidal wave?
People in charge, and people on beaches,
please go back to your caves.
We got it this.
This is so simple, this is so hard.
I’ve never wished more that I had a yard.
Dirt or sand or water or grass.
Lay outside, get some sun on my ass.
Yesterday felt like a year, and one that didn’t walk fast.
‘Reopen all the beaches.’
swear reality’s out of reach for them.
They know that’s not gonna slow it?
Their money begged for the ball and got it.
And they dropped it.
It’s real, they dropped it everywhere.
Make some more, do not care.
Just like, jump off a building.
Or atleast stop speaking.
Lose your phones and computers.
It’s not fake news, you’re a loser.
Nothing near a leader.
Liberty, grace, freedom. You don’t feed her.
Split sides? It’s a virus, why divided?
We gotta get together.

It’s not on you, but you’re not helping
anybody’s well being.
For the life of me,
can’t imagine four more years of you.
Your lying has people crying.
I love kids, but your kids suck.

Stop talking.
Get upset thinking about you,
and you’re always on the news.