Podium Rabble (4/2020)

Tragic that it takes a tragedy
to teach us the lessons that we need.
The state of the planet lately overwhelms me.
Bad actors in an essential ring, on top of everything.
Nothing trickles down from empty.
I’ve no room for judgement.
Nobody’s messed up like me.
I have only met 10 people halfway like me.
You’ll never move on if you don’t own your things.
Feet find fresh, and forget what shoulders will bring.
You’ll wish you never lied at the end of the day.
You’d have to be insane to think that that’s ok.
I throw things and wonder where they went.
I can’t whistle and my rock disappeared.
If I could whistle maybe it’d find its way this way.
Rock roll my way someday.
Swallow my light to find my darkness.
Placed it behind what shone brightest.
Their likeness.
Likened to the relationship between rainbows and rain.
Lightness and happy flood holes once filled with pain,
reflecting all the colors.