Back to Breathing (5/2020)

Goodnight, goodnight.
I can see it in your eyes,
they’re saying things that you have never said.
You hide, you hide.
Know you know I love your smile.
It’s a highway sign singing almost home.

How’s everything?
Crazy to think how long it has been.
So much here has changed,
got to thinking I’d never see you again.
I’m so happy to see you, my friend.
I’ll be so happy.

Little chance for us to find out how to live.
It’s true, it’s true, depends on what gets picked to do.
Go on, get so happy.

Goodbye, goodbye.
Swore I saw it in your eyes,
thought the silence meant that you meant so long.
You ride. You ride.
Know you know that I don’t fight,
back to breathing breaths that we almost lost.