Still Green (6/2020)

Maybe time was make believe,
I’ve heard things I’ll never see.
Can’t say where the wind will blow,
don’t think I will ever know.

What if now is like back then?
I’ve done things, but don’t know when.
Can’t tell if the light’s still green.
Find out what the answers mean.

It was never now or never.
Are you way ahead? Are you close behind?
Will it still be there if I open my eyes?

Quiet lead to thinking.

I know how and wonder why.
Silence falls out of my eyes.
Seeds can fly before they’ve grown.
Leave before the party’s thrown.

Does the speaking do a thing?
Marching down the street, they sing.
Gasp this place that we once knew.
Dinner watching last night’s stew.

What am I supposed to do?
Quiet lead to thinking.